Reports for Managers

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Reports for Managers

Post by globrite on Fri Jan 24, 2014 2:06 pm

Hi there, I think that XPunch is a great tool. It's really useful for having employees recording time against a project. However, getting the data out to analyse is somewhat cumbersome. The Excel report option is great but extracting the data for analysis requires a lot of transformation of the data. The purpose of putting data into a spreadsheet is so that it can be manipulated (otherwise you would just use the PDF option). Ideally, the Excel report should be much simpler - at least for project managers anyway. For me, I would like to know how much time was spent on a particular project (per employee) so the best way to present this would be to put all of the data in columns with each of the entries in rows. Plus the time entries would be much better recorded as numbers (eg 90) as opposed to strings (eg 1h, 30m). The way I'd prefer to see this data (using your current export as an example) would be: Name, Date, Time In, Time Out, Project, Activity, Total Time (or "Length"), Comments - this would be the column headings with the data for each person's entries being the rows.
Also, employees often enter data that isn't chargeable to a project so we have to manually add up the values ourselves and cannot therefore rely on your report sub-totals per employee.
I'd love to see this kind of report and hope this feedback is helpful.


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Tailoring Data

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:00 pm


         Thank you for your feedback regarding data formatting for XPunch reports.  Yes, we absolutely find this feedback useful.  I really appreciate the time that you took out to draft us these suggestions.

         We are receiving considerable feedback about the need to tailor our reports.  This is in the works in the current version that we are developing.  Unfortunately, platform technology sometimes develops faster than we can keep up or takes unexpected directions.  As such, we've had to backtrack a few times and this has slowed development of this version.  

         The next version should include an API that will allow our users to tailor data output any way they wish.

Again, thank you for your comments,

Jamie Bridge
XPunch Customer Service

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