Whitepaper: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - The Advantages of an ASP

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Whitepaper: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - The Advantages of an ASP

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The Advantages of an ASP and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

ASP? What’s that?
The XPunch Enterprise edition is an ASP-based (Application Service Provider-based) solution. This approach makes the total cost of an XPunch workforce management solution (WMS) significantly less than either a licensed or custom-built solution.

Instant on
A typical conversation might go like this:

Decision-maker: Jean, I’d like you to install a workforce management solution on our systems.

I.T.: No problem Robin, done! Point your browsers to http://xpunch.com and everything is already taken care of: administration, service, support, upgrades, and scalability

An ASP eliminates the time and cost associated with installing, administrating, and supporting applications. Since the application is hosted remotely and supported by XPunch, there will never be any hardware or software to purchase, update or maintain--now or ever. Nor will you have to maintain databases or install upgrades as they become available. The total maintenance of your application is handled round-the-clock by XPunch for a remarkably low monthly cost.

Free-up resources
An ASP solution to workforce management also frees up your scarce and valuable technical personnel for other tasks. In some small-business scenarios, an ASP model may even allow you to avoid hiring additional IT personnel altogether.

Not only is the technical side of maintaining your WMS handled by your service provider, but so is the support side -- helpdesk and support costs are therefore cut significantly. And with every user on the same version of the application, costs related to supporting outdated versions are entirely done away with.

A high-end application, for less
Overall, the total cost of software provided through an ASP is typically around 40% of comparable installed solutions. Depending on your establishment's demands, the overall savings may be even more dramatic. XPunch gives small to mid-size firms access to all the functionality of a sophisticated, high-end application, and does so at a price they can actually afford.

The following table lists the costs that should be considered when evaluating alternative WMS models.

Cost Factor XPunch ASPLicensed Custom-Built Solution
Application License 0 $$$$ 0
Database Application License 0 $$$ $$ - $$$
Annual Subscription Cost $ 0 0
Annual Support Fees 0 $ $
System Hardware Server(s) 0 $ - $$$ $ - $$$
Database Hardware Server(s) 0 $ - $$$ $ - $$$
IT Rack space, Bandwidth, Power,

Backup, Security & Monitoring Costs
0 $$ $$
Installation Costs 0 $ $
Programming Personnel Costs 0 $$$$ $$$$
IT Maintenance Personnel Costs 0 $$$ $$$
Application Upgrade Costs 0 $ - $$$ $ - $$$

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