What is the meaning of this term as it relates to XPunch? Do you have a glossary / dictionary?

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What is the meaning of this term as it relates to XPunch? Do you have a glossary / dictionary?

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Description: what follows is a list of terms that may have a specific meaning within the context of XPunch. These terms are often identifiable by their capitalization within field guides and contextual help.

Activity - a task or action that an employee performs over the course of their shift. One shift may be comprised of several activities. Examples of Activities: serving, welding, sales, phone support, front desk, break, meal. Creating activities in XPunch is optional.

Navigation links - these are links at the top of the page that show the path the user has taken to get to the current page being viewed. They are sometimes referred to as "bread crumbs". Clicking on one of these links will return the user to a previously-visited page, without saving any modifications made to the data on the current page.

Projects - users may wish to sort their punches and their activities by project. For instance, an accountant may wish to assign the name of each of his clients to a project. A manufacturing plant manager might wish to define projects by assigning the name of a process to each XPunch project. Creating projects in XPunch is optional.

Punches - users wishing to take advantage of the XPunch punch-clock (also known as a time clock) punch-in and punch-out of activities. XPunch records the time that these Punches were made and where (by IP address). Employees may add or modify punches after-the-fact; however, XPunch will flag these activities as "manual" activities.

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