How can I view sample timesheets (and timesheet templates)?

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How can I view sample timesheets (and timesheet templates)?

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 06, 2008 9:30 pm

Scenario: some visitors to the XPunch website may wish to view sample timesheets.

Response: we have noted that a number of visitors to the XPunch website arrive looking for blank, printable timesheets. XPunch does not specialize in simply providing timesheet templates. Instead, the product is meant to be much more than this.

XPunch does, in fact, provide timesheets. They are not blank templates, however. When users perform Punches to track their time in various projects or activities, they will be able to print-off a timesheet of their efforts. This is identical to using a traditional punchclock.

Summary: for users that wish to see what the XPunch templates look like, we suggest creating an XPunch account and making a few sample Punches in the product. Then, go to the "Reports" tab and create a Timesheet report. This will produce the sample of the timesheet you are looking for.

PS: for visitors that are simply looking for blank, printable templates, we encourage you to consider XPunch as alternative to the "pencil and paper" method. The benefits to your company and its staff are numerous. Visit the following link for more information:

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