What is the difference between a "live" punch and a "manual" punch?

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What is the difference between a "live" punch and a "manual" punch?

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 06, 2008 9:32 pm

A "live" punch is the equivalent to a real-time punch made on the XPunch service. Employees log into XPunch and do not indicate what time they wish their punches to take effect: they simply "punch in" and "punch out" similar to a traditional time card clock. XPunch records the fact that the punch was made live.

A "manual" punch, on the other hand, is a punch that is made "after the fact". For example, employees that do not have an Internet service at work may arrive at home and punch their hours into the XPunch service while they are still fresh in mind. These punches, however, will be recorded as manual punches.

Should an employee make alterations to the start or end times of a "live" punch, the status of the punch will be changed to "manual".

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