XPunch version 4.0 release (beta)

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XPunch version 4.0 release (beta)

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 04, 2008 12:36 pm

We are pleased to announce the release of XPunch version 4.0 !

The release is currently in beta.

This latest version of XPunch simplifies many of the features that were previously available on XPunch and places the focus on time tracking and time management. It also provides a new wizard that is aimed at the needs of employees (they can keep track of the hours that they work and then compare this against their paychecks), employers (employers can now monitor their employees from a distance and generate reports for their payroll operations), and self-employed professionals--such as doctors, lawyers, and contrators--for billing purposes.

Given that this is a new version with a complete new look, we have reset the Help and FAQ pages to zero.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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