I can't log out - what do I do?

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I can't log out - what do I do?

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 06, 2008 9:51 pm

Scenario: We have had a few reports that some browsers retain cookie information that does not allow users to log out of their XPunch account in order that another XPunch user can access their account. We have further learned that this often occurs if a system is shut down while still logged into XPunch--the next time the user turns on their system, they're still logged into XPunch and cannot log out.

We would like to recommend the following two items in order that users can remedy this situation and avoid future issues of this nature:

Corrective action: delete the cookies that have accumulated in your browser. Depending on the browser that you are using, this procedure may vary. Generally speaking, your browser should have an "Options" or "Tools" section that allows you to delete your cookies.

Preventative action: if you have encountered this issue we recommend:

  • that users log into XPunch using either the "Always ask for my login and password" or "Remember my login only" options and not the "Log me in automatically" option


  • if users prefer using the "Log me in automatically" option, just be sure to log out once you're done your session.


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