Employee timesheets

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Employee timesheets

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:39 pm

Today we received the following customer request for employee timesheets:

We are new to using xpunch and have come across several things that would make the site more functional for our organization (and many others Iím sure):

∑ The ability to run time sheet reports on individual employees not the whole group. We need to have something that we can print out so that employees can sign. Right now it runs a report with everyone together so that one individualís data runs onto the same page as another individualís data. This makes signing and filing of individual sheets incredibly difficult.

∑ Electronic signing of time sheets Ė this would be even BETTER

∑ Totaling hours using decimals and not minutes. Right now it lists each personís time to the exact minute. It would be more helpful if there was a feature that adjusted each personís daily total to reflect 15 minute increments. So for example, if someone punched in from 8:09 to 9:00, then it would list for that day that they worked .75 hours instead of 51 minutes.

Of all these things, the first one is the most important.

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